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Welcome to Prosperity Circles

Are you looking for a Spiritually-oriented approach to growing and developing your business? Would it help to have the input of a like-minded business coach and a team of entrepreneurs who want to build a business based on their calling?

At Prosperity Circles, we are committed to providing structure, accountability and support, combined with business and financial expertise, to ensure that your business rises to the level of success that you desire and deserve.

Are you dealing with:

  • Wanting to make a difference, make a profit, AND enjoy your life?
  • The challenge of creating and executing a business plan?
  • Making the right decisions around cash flow and profitability?
  • Understanding how to bring a Spiritual consciousness to managing your time and making decisions?
  • The reality that you are consistently the last person to get paid?

If you are like many of my clients when they first call me, you probably can relate to most of these statements.

Building a business based on your calling requires a balanced approach.  Developing your financial and business savvy, as well as taking your intuition and self-worth into consideration, is crucial to building a successful business that is aligned with your calling. A holistic approach that addresses the personal and business aspects of your life will help you shape your business to support your life.

Hello, my name is Linda Anderson and I am a business coach and financial consultant.  I help my clients make a difference, make a profit AND enjoy life by using a coaching model that I call the 4-F’s

  • Focus
  • Faith
  • Footwork
  • Finances

The 4-F’s evolved out of what I needed and couldn’t find as I was building my business. I worked with a business, marketing and financial consultant, therapist, career counselor, and psychic. Each person held a piece of my history and vision. I yearned for a mentor who would:

  • Help me clarify my vision and calling and help me stay on course
  • Work with me to create a business plan for how to move my business to the next level
  • Look at my finances with me and help me ground my vision in financial reality
  • Focus my actions and provide accountability, structure and support for following through
  • Honor my intuition and offer the wisdom of their own
  • Remember to make taking care of me a priority

It was out of these desires that the 4-F’s were born. Here is what the 4-F’s can do for you:

FOCUS If your business is working for everyone except you, you’ve probably lost sight of what you want. If your business is running your life, it’s time to step back and ask what you really want and what is truly  yours to do. What’s important about FOCUS is that what you are focusing on is Spiritually aligned with who you are, what you value and what you want. Focusing on that which is Spiritually aligned requires learning how to recognize your inner knowing  vs. your inner committee. Learning to recognize and articulate that still small voice within is a subtle and vulnerable process. Prosperity Circles provides a safe and confidential place to share openly. Getting FOCUSED involves:

  • Clarifying your personal vision and calling

  • Practicing the practices that support you in being centered and connecting with your intuition

  • Shifting your mindset from what’s not working to finding the solutions that point you directly towards what will work for you

FAITHListening for your inner knowing is one thing, having the FAITH to act on it is quite another. Self-worth is the gatekeeper to your prosperity because of how it affects your ability to have the faith to trust your inner knowing. Low self-worth can short-circuit your ability to know what you want and what is yours to do in life and business. Even if you know what you want, it takes self-worth to make a decision to go for what you want. And, of course, self-worth impacts your ability to earn the income you  need to support your vision of prosperity. What’s important about FAITH is that you take steps that build your self-worth. Stepping out in faith requires being bold, claiming your wants and needs and letting your voice be heard. Activating your FAITH involves:

  • Making it a top priority to take good care of your #1 asset, YOU

  • Expanding your earning potential by cultivating beliefs, habits and patterns that build your self-worth

  • Finding your voice and learning how to navigate difficult conversations and set boundaries

FOOTWORKWe all know we can be extremely busy, but not getting anywhere.  If you’re living someone else’s idea of what you should be doing in your life and business, you’re going to be doing the wrong footwork. Even if you achieve your goals, if those goals aren’t in alignment with what you truly want, you’re likely to feel unfulfilled. Making a difference, making a profit and enjoying your life requires strategic action–action that is aligned with your personal and business vision and the results you desire. Doing the right FOOTWORK involves:

  • Clarifying your business vision and mission–how to use your gifts, skills, passions and calling to make the difference you’re here to make and who you wish to serve

  • Identifying the strategies that will get your business to the next level

  • Defining action plans that whittle down your to do-list and streamline the footwork to be done

FINANCESOften, the underlying reason why business owners resist being a good steward of their FINANCES is because their needs aren’t being considered.  By shaping the business to support your life, you’ll want to consciously manage your FINANCES. Building a profitable business requires financial stewardship. Financial clarity can be a major source of inspiration to take the actions necessary to increase your bottom-line and cash flow. The combination of an inspiring vision and financial clarity can be the key that unlocks the door to your creativity and prosperity. FINANCES involves:

  • Analyzing past performance to provide a baseline for future profitability

  • Developing financial projections that maximize profits and cash flow

  • Setting up systems and structures for tracking and reviewing key indicators of success  

The first step is FOCUS—connecting with your personal and business vision and calling—a vision that is Spiritually aligned with who you are, what you value and what you want. The second step is FAITH—having the self worth to say YES to what you want and go for it! FOOTWORK and FINANCES are where the rubber meets the road and you need to take strategic action and become a good steward of your finances. The concepts for the 4-F’s are simple, but not so easy to apply to one’s life without structure, support and financial and business expertise.

If you’re ready for support, please read more about My Story and how I can help.

You don’t have to do it alone. If you want to have support and the benefit of business and financial expertise, contact me today to schedule an exploratory session at 415-306-4726.